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Exam Cracking is battle where you need to build strategies

“Knowledge will help you to make your dream true.”

Up-to-date Exam Content

Created by Exam Toppers, Experts and Top Faculty across the country. Comprehensive material with latest exam patterns

Complete Course Material

Video lessons, Course eBooks, Topic wise Tests, Adaptive Tests, Mock Tests & Remedial Material on weak areas – all of which can be used anytime, anywhere

Extensive Online Test Series

Extensive range of high quality mock tests with thousands of questions and their solutions, as per latest exam pattern. Complete set of practice tests needed for all exams

Analytics for Instant Feedback

Compare your All India Standing. Study smart with shorter study times through adaptive practice & in-app recommendations. Remedial practice sessions based on your weak areas

Customized Study Planners

Intelligent Planner creates a personalized study schedule based on syllabus, important topics and time available. Track your progress & upcoming tasks

Live Group Practice Sessions

Fun & engaging group study and practice sessions help you collaborate and compete with friends in live sessions in a game-like environment

Recent Works

Constructing the road map for the future education system.

Knowledgekart App

Knowledgekart App

Mobile app is in testing stage by which you can learn by your mobile.

Online Exam

Exam Portal

Exam protal help you to find your position and to gain more.

Study at home

Study at home

User friendly interface so that a child can easily surfe the education.

ios app

All platform apps

I-OS app also coming in the market.

All india

Pan India Coverage

You can access our education system anywhere you want at any time.

Group Study

Group Study

Learning is a fun when friends join the class.

onlin test series

Test Series

Weekly test series.

revision corner

Day before exam

Revision before the exam will help you to score more marks.


Our Service

IBPS PO Mock Test Series and IBPS Clerk Mock Test Series are followed by millions of candidates all across the country.
As per a survey, more than 90% of successful candidates had opted for IBPS PO Online Mock Test Series provided by Knowledgekart.


Online Classes

For the bright future with-the latest technology.


Examination Kart

Online Examination for testing your knowledge.


Student Corner

Every student can contact each other on the student corner.


Question Portal

Every student can post questions anytime.


Mobile App

Android, and Apple App are on the way to join us.


Accelerate Mode

Students can accelerate their studies as we are 24*7 available.

Our Skills

The latest way to teach and learn and wide area to cover and separate the knowledge.







Student corner


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We are not the best in class but we will be the best in class.

Education is not studying but it's the knowing the right thing with the knowledge.

All of our online classes are punctuated with feedback and lectures from experienced and certified instructors. You'll also be able to interact with fellow students to further enhance your studies.
Every journey begins with a step. Now, you can take that step whenever you're ready with our new "Rolling Semester" program. Don't let calendars get in the way of your educational journey.
"The sense of accomplishment I felt after completing my knowledgekart Academy courses was great!"- TIM DOYLE.

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"An education equips a mind. A degree demonstrates its potential."

-Vinay Disodia/ Director of Knowledgekart Academy

"Knowledgekart Academy presented me with all of the opportunities which a student needed to succeed."

-Ravinder Yadav Pardhan Yadav Sabha Charkhi Dadri

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About Website

At Knowledgekart Online Academy, We have made a very simple, very easy to use user friendly website so the student can easily access the data, any where any time.


About Package

At Knowledgekart Online Academy, we are providing the world class education to all the students at very low rates. And all the students will get the premium package at affordable price.

Guided layout to use the website is very awesom..

Our Philosopy is very simple we want to educate every one in india.

At Knowledgekart Online Academy, we're harnessing the power of online education in new, innovative ways. Combining the newest research with proven teaching methodology, we're inspiring students to take control of their classroom experience. Knowledgekart Online Academy provides a stepping stone for our students to reach the future they envision

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