Month: January 2019

How to prepare history for UPSC

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Our perspective on state, society and life can be made better through analyzing past events in history. This is one of the main reasons why history has become an important and compulsory subject in primary and higher secondary educationas well as for general studies not just in India but around the world. It is believed […]

Civil Services: Information about Indian Administrative Service (IAS)

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Getting into the Indian Administrative services is a dream for every Civil Services Aspirant, no matter which corner of India you come from. But very few finally get to fulfil their dreams. Being unsuccessful in this highly competitive exam is very common. It is not because one does not have the will to succeed or potential […]

सवर्णों को आरक्षण से जुड़ा विधेयक राज्यसभा से भी पास; सरकार ने कहा- राज्यों में भी लागू होगा कोटा

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नई दिल्ली.  लोकसभा के बाद राज्यसभा में भी 124वां संविधान संशोधन विधेयक पारित हो गया। सवर्णों को नौकरियों और शिक्षा में आर्थिक आधार पर 10% आरक्षण देने से जुड़े इस बिल पर राज्यसभा में बुधवार को करीब 8 घंटे चर्चा हुई और 30 से ज्यादा नेताओं ने अपनी बात रखी। लगभग हर एनडीए विरोधी दल ने […]

10% reservation for economically weak among upper caste

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The Union Cabinet has approved a proposal for introduction of the Constitution (One Hundred and Twenty- Fourth Amendment) Bill, extending 10% quota to “the economically weaker sections in the general category who are not covered by any of the existing schemes of reservation”. The bill is designed to amend the Constitution to extend 10% reservation […]

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