Woman Empowerment and The Rape Culture in India

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Woman Empowerment and The Rape Culture in India

Woman Empowerment and The Rape Culture in India

Woman Empowerment and The Rape Culture in India


Woman empowerment -Woman Empowerment and The Rape Culture in India. This is is burning issue specially if we keep eyeballs on it .From on it I mean men, grave topic a topic which todays generation think they have been pulverized from their positions authority, opportunity. what is woman empowerment it is something of a power,freebie,or any authority…well the answer is in itself it is creation of environment for a issue which is either social ,political,personal where they can make their own decisions to do what is for the betterment of nation.

Now the question arises who will give such power to that I would say your mother has the right to say she s your mother same way you as a woman has the right to show woman empowerment to commemorate woman-ship one has to see its inner strength .one of them recalled of such issue a right which one had taken .

One such incident of ladies in Kerela they had to give breast taxread full story here by BBC yes thats shocking but yes thats true there was ritual in which the girls or ladies of Dalit groups were not allowed to wear upper part attire they were not allowed to cover there upper parts, they had to keep their breast bare only for the malicious people who enjoyed seeing woman bare breast. Even the raja was involved in such acts when he use to go somewhere he use to ask his men to present unmarried girls and big breast for him while traveling he use to gaze them and use to enjoy and the woman they could do nothing only to obey such rubbish order, but after sometime there was a lady in there group who was not agreeing to the fact that she had to give that tax so her breasts were cut and she died then and there . This is were woman started a revolution where they started opposing such acts well they even thought that if they changed their religion they would be saved that did what ever and tried all possible measures but while entering the temple they still didn’t have any choice the pujaris were forcing these woman to not to wear or cover there upper parts .

Travancore's non-existent 'Breast Tax'

Travancore’s non-existent ‘Breast Tax’


This went on and on but then came Munroe the governor but he could also not stop this until all woman showed their empowerment this was it .Now because of these ladies who showed power and womanism they all won and so we. All ladies in Kerela now have the right to cover their upper parts not only that but has dignity in integrity..i salute such woman who hav given there everybit to make it a better a days everyone is aware of Sushma Swaraj and Nirmala sitharaman what ladies there courageous acts are scathing attacks on oppositions..Not only them but we have Indira Gandhiji and many more.

Well talking of woan empowerment how can we forget The acclaimed Kangana ranaut she is fabulous efforte great lady and she always proved should not be weak and lean .

Beti bachao beti padhao kiske liye

Sorry to say but beti bachao ya beti humse bachao.This is not glorious nation This is not the nation which we dream of why shall we save them just to get exploited raped tortured or trafficked ..this is what young girls end up in brothels ,bars ,etc but one thing which i would like to say when will this society change only having that attitude let it be she was not my daughter missing ,kidnapped,abducted only having this impression but i have a q what if your sister ,daughter gets raped then why would you want to become criminal and make sure your sister daughter gets justice ..recently we heard about an actress her casting couch Sri reddy who would go to studio and would end up thrashing her life how miserable she wants justice she even dare to bare but wat happened she blamed tortured and film fraternity banned her only because she was showing some courage some woman empowerment..and there are endless stories which does not have ends. I would like to say woman empowerment is not just in woman who r powerful but also a housewife can show by keep the fighting spirit alive by not giving invitations to any kind of domestic violence rather fighting for their rights .


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