Civil Services Examination- Accept the challenge and make sincere efforts by giving your best.

UPSC Civil Services Examination Accept the challenge and make sincere efforts by giving your best

Today, for a youth, it is first priority to seek the career opportunities coming their ways and they always look for satisfying career that fulfils the dreams and desires.  For the education and aspiring youth, top of mind career is Civil Services Examination with the aim to crack it in first attempt. “Success is the completion of anything intended.” In recent moment you have read about the successful candidates in civil services examination and would have come across many success stories. UPSC Civil Services Examination

Believe in `Karma`

The words of Gaurav Agarwal (AIR 1, CSE 2013) that are relevant and stand true about civil services examination preparation make an impact, “you should not look at results; believe in “karma”; Focus on your goal, give your best and hope for the best.  

It is an open competition and your relevant performance matters. It is endeavour that requires serious planning, hard work, in right direction and patience. But how you prepare, practice, and then perform that determine your outcome. The competition getting stiffer and the examination more challenging you can chart your strategies that can take you to the top and what smart work make effort to put in the best you can try to obtain a competitive edge over others that determines your place in the merit list.

When and How to Commence Preparation

Many a time it has been observed that one who starts preparation a year before the Preliminary Examination, finds it easy to handle. Even after the recent changes, this much of serious preparation is must. However long term planning should start at 12th level. A few candidates who are serious and are guided properly usually select those subjects in graduation which can help them in their further life and career plans.

It depends upon your own calibre and swiftness to adapt also. There are numerous examples of successful candidates even, who cracked this exam starting Six month before the pre exam. For beginners it is important to get ideas from as many people as you can. Today, the advice is in abundance as lot of successful candidates share their views and experience that help future aspirants to take some clue for making preparations plans.

Believe in Self

Today, there are candidates who look at civil service examination as part of career development and progression as they take up careers at an early age that materialize as result of their academic achievements and their abilities. At ab appropriate time, these candidates take up the challenge and with meticulous planning and smart execution, accomplish the task in style. At ab appropriate time, these candidates take up the challenge and with meticulous planning and smart execution, accomplish the task in style. You look for motivation and want to understand the needs and requirements about civil service examination preparations you get a fare idea on to have a feel about it. It’s time to take a snapshot on some ideas that could turn your preparations in a very positive way.  I am straightforward in my view point that only those have the strong will power and commitments will survive in this exam. Yes, it is not a place for those who are dependent on pure luck or are encircled by lack of effort

UPSC Civil Services Examination

Make it Meaningful

Civil Service Examination preparation is a long journey; those who enjoy it, make it meaningful and reach the destination demonstrate their capabilities as well as winning attitude. One who understand the nature of the examination, benchmark it has set and amount of focus hard work it necessitates, enjoy the journey which takes you to your dream career IAS. It is all about the way you look at it; those with positive mind-set make sincere efforts and attain a level that it entails, they see preparation for Civil Service Examination worth and important. As a result most of them find it easy to handle the demands this examination commands.

The moment you commence serious preparation, first you need to understand the complete exam plan and related requirements at each stage of examination, current trends and examiners expectations. The way candidate start preparation for this exam matters a lot; tone set in the beginning helps in handling the pressure. What do you think is it buying books and study material, joining coaching classes and aiming to cover the syllabus enough?

This probably everyone does; even the non-serious one. You have to make it meaningful; in other words you have to make it productive that delivers positive outcome.

UPSC Civil Services Examination

Learning, Gaining Knowledge and Building on Awareness

Whatever you read, don’t read it from question paper point of view only; if you do so, chances are that it may not work. You need to develop understanding and clarity about topics, interrelationship within or across disciplines and its applications. UPSC is an inventive mode and be prelims or mains examination, the creativity shows in questions may surprise you when you encounter the questions from different prospective in examination hall. You have to have knowledge about all topics inside out. In the beginning self-assessment is must; plan your activates by prioritizing your needs and formulate your strategies keeping in mind your strength and weakness. Make the best use of time on hand and always look out for prospects that can help you to your preparation level.

And if you fine tune your way of preparation, be it tough or tricky situation, you will adjust to the requirements and chances are you will come out as winner.

All the best


UPSC Civil Services Examination

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