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UPSC IAS History Preparation

UPSC IAS History Preparation Ancient India: What to focus on

The 8th Century AD marks the end of ancient period and it includes eras like Stone Age, Paleolithic Age, Mesolithic Age, Neolithic Age and Chalcolithic Age, Indus Valley Civilization, Vedic Period. UPSC IAS Best Tips For History Preparation. Here is what you need to concentrate on:

• Stone Age, Paleolithic Age, Mesolithic Age, Neolithic Age and Chalcolithic Age: Important incidents

• Indus Valley Civilization: Socioeconomic cultural aspects, scripts, art and construction

• Vedic Period: Religion, politics, economics, literature and philosophy UPSC IAS History Preparation

Medieval India: What to focus on UPSC IAS History Preparation

Medieval Indian History spans from 8th to 18th century AD. The UPSC exam papers don’t pay much importance to this segment. However, you can’t skip it altogether. Limit your preparation to the following areas:

• Socioeconomic and political regimen during the Sultanate, Mughal and Vijayanagar Empire

• Sufi and Bhakti religious movements, their sequence and socioeconomic impact

• Art and culture of the period UPSC IAS History Preparation

Modern India: What to focus on

This segment covers the time period from the rise of foreign power in India to the country’s struggle for freedom. Majority of the history questions in UPSC prelims come from this section. While studying modern Indian history, organize the topics chronologically and unit-wise. Special emphasis should be laid on:

• The rise of East India Company

• Surrender of Indian provinces to the British and the country’s reactions against it

• Economic policies adopted by the British administration

• Key incidents of the Indian freedom struggle

• Sociology-cultural effects of the freedom struggle

• Political and administrative policies of the British administration: Permanent settlement, acts, reports, and committees set up during this time. UPSC IAS History Preparation

Refer to the right books

This is crucial for your success in the UPSC prelims exams. These suggestions will be helpful for you.

Ancient India

• NCERT Class VI: Ancient India (Old Version)

• NCERT Class XI: Ancient India (Old Version)

Medieval India

• NCERT Class VII, XI: Medieval India (Old)

• NCERT Class IX: Story of Civilization Part-I (old edition)

• NCERT Class X: Story of Civilization Part-II (old edition)

Modern India

• India’s Ancient Past: R.D. Sharma

• Indian Art and Culture: Nitin Singhania

• India’s Struggle for Independence: Bipan Chandra

Learn to memories the facts and dates

Make short notes of the facts, names, places and dates that you struggle to remember. Go through the notes time and again. This will enhance your recall capacity. UPSC IAS History Preparation

Make history interesting

As a civil service aspirant, you always run against time. But taking short breaks can improve your productivity if use them judiciously. Once in a while, make time for watching a periodic movie based on any topic included in your UPSC history syllabus, or read a historical fiction. Browsing through the biographies of historical personalities is also a good idea. All these can go a long way in helping you grasp history as a subject. UPSC Tips History Preparation

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