Increasing Crime Against Women UPSC IAS 2021 Essay Topic

Increasing Crime Against Women UPSC IAS 2021 Essay Topic

Every day, every minute there must a physical or mental assault is going on around the world, but today I am here to talk about the increasing rape in India. Increasing Crime Against Women

Do you ever wonder or wanted to know is this normal in such a society where we use “ Beti / Bahu Ghar ki Laxmi hai , Ghar Ki ijjat hai !” then why the numbers are increasing daily on the violence against the woman. Is it because most of the population is illiterate or has no moral values? This is the latest record’s for the year of 2021 on crime against women’s 

Crime against women increased by 46% till Aug 2021, says NCW

The NCW received a total of 19,953 complaints of crimes against women from January to August this year, up from 13,618 in the corresponding period of 2020, it said.

Why this is happening, as per my views, is because of easy to access soft porn/ porn which causes very bad effects on teenagers and young adults. We don’t have a proper SEX education on how to hold and how to control emotions. Most Indians are good at the imagination and creating their own fantasies after watching these clips. And more on this the Instagram, youtube, and short video platforms ruined the young Indian generation. Boys are acting like girls, girls are removing clothes, wearing only inners to get likes and followers of the virtual world, and forgetting about the impact of this on the real world. 

As we are Indians we know we don’t discuss these things in the family, Aunties are doing back bitching about the girls who wear shorts or hang around with boys, they don’t educate their boys on the girl’s reputation and what they have to do to give them respect and how they can make them feel safe when they are around them. This is the most important responsibility which is missing from our society. 

These are the few points that are the main cause of increasing the number of assaults on girls.

We all should take care of this and educate our nearby young generation. On this to create a more secure and peaceful environment for girls. As we can’t change the past, and the present doesn’t change rapidly, We can prepare for the future by adding good values of seed in our future plants which when become a tree give a beautiful fruit of happiness and a successful society.  

Increasing Crime Against Women


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