Why reading newspapers is important for banking and other Govt exams?

Why reading newspapers is important for banking and other Govt exams?

Why reading newspapers is important for banking and other Govt exams?
Why reading newspapers is important for banking and other Govt exams?

Why reading newspapers is important for banking and other Govt exams?

Newspapers are an important Part of our life. The word News translates to North-East-West and South. The Newspaper covers all the news of our surroundings. Most people wake up in the morning and read the newspaper, others watch the news, while others read news on their Smartphones.

It does not matter whether you read newspapers or read news online. All that matters is reading news. Newspapers help us stay as informed citizens. News is written by Journalists.

In banking and government exams, the general knowledge of the candidate is tested. Current affairs is an important section in any competitive exam and candidates are tested for this in both written round and personal interview.

  1. Learning is a continuous Process: It is necessary to cultivate a reading habit in life as learning is a continuous process. Learning never stops and newspapers are a great companion on this journey of learning.

  2. Improve Language: Improve your language with the help of newspapers. Reading comprehension and passages need good reading skills. Newspapers are a wonderful platform to prepare for English section any competitive exam. One can develop language skills

  3. Learn about National and International Events: While, you can always consume international news online. Newspapers in their print editions always select news carefully in their print editions. International events of prime importance appear in Newspapers. Therefore, do not miss out on reading newspapers.

  4. Poltical News: Also, the political discourse of newspapers is good, while political news in online medium is mostly opinion. If you want to read political news and not opinions, stick to newspapers.

  5. Learn about Banking Awareness: If you read the business section of a newspaper, you can prepare for banking awareness, Rbi, banking, economics, markets, business trends, etc. If one is preparing for any banking exam, it is must to prepare for banking awareness which will comprise of important events in the banking industry.

  6. If you want to become a master in banking awareness, it is advisable to read business papers or pink papers. You can also read online editions of the newspapers.

  7. Prepare for interview round: In interview round, one can answer questions asked by the panel if one reads the newspaper regularly. Candidates can skim and scan the newspaper and also read headlines. However, reading important news topics will help them to answer the paper.

  8. Increase Confidence: Newspapers will improve your overall knowledge and add to your skill set. It will improve your confidence in interviews and group discussion. One can weigh the pros and cons of various events happening in the country. In a sense, it brings a lot of clarity to the readers mind.

  9. Stay updated with current affairs: Newspapers help you stay informed with the latest news. You can also read celebrity news especially to know who won national awards in films or music.

  10. Static GK: You might also come up with static GK or details that do not change over time, like capitals, places or people.

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