Harjot Kaur

I am very much passionate about my work. I always try to give my best to the work i do. Moreover i am a self motivated person and motivates others as well to put their best in the work they do.

How to Revise Effectively for UPSC IAS

How to Revise Effectively for UPSC IAS: A Guide for Little Explorers

Preparing for the UPSC IAS (Union Public Service Commission – Indian Administrative Service) exam is a challenging and time-consuming task, and effective revision is crucial for success. Here are some tips on how to revise effectively for the UPSC IAS exam: Understand the Syllabus: Start by thoroughly understanding the UPSC syllabus for each paper –…

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Portuguese in India

Portuguese in India A Brief History

Fast Facts Portuguese Presence in India: 1505 – 1961 Portuguese East India Company: 1628 – 1633 Portuguese Capitals in India: Cochin (1505 – 1530), Old Goa (1530 – 1843), Nova Goa (1843 – 1961) Political Structure: Colony Portuguese Viceroys in India 1505–1509 Francisco de Almeida (first) 1896 Afonso, Duke of Porto (last) Portuguese Governor-generals in…

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Ganga Map Drainage System The Ganga and Bhramputra River System

Drainage System The Ganga and Brahmaputra River System

Some important tributaries and their characteristic features: The Brahmaputra River System: Northern Plains of India Indian Geography Important Topic Major River System in India- Indian Geography Basic Terminology used for the study of rivers UPSC IAS 2021 INDIAN GEOGRAPHICAL REGIONS AND SOURCES World Water Day on March 22 : Important Topics for UPSC Exams Click…

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